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I can turn around feature-length colour pieces and investigations as well as quick, last-minute commissions. I specialise in luxury, food, travel, beauty, lifestyle, real life, trends, celebrities, fashion, parenting, shopping, books, charity appeals. 


Whether it's for a one-off print or digital project or as holiday cover, I am available on a freelance basis and work to a consistent level of high quality.

PR consultant

I'll tell you how to get your client featured on the biggest newspaper websites in the world. As a former MailOnline Editor, I know what makes a story irresistible to busy editors, and how you can make your press release stand out from the hundreds of others filling inboxes. In bespoke workshops, I will explain what editors are looking for, how to work with journalists, and leave you with story ideas for your clients that will make the difference between reporters hitting the 'delete' button, and responding to your press release straight away. 

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